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Shane’s Chess Information Database or commonly called as Scid, is a famous free Windows, UNIX, MAC and Linux application for maintaining and viewing large databases of chess games, which is why it is considered as a powerful Chess ToolKit. Aside from making large chess databases, it also allows one to play casual games online or versus the computer, since it enables you to connect in the Free Internet Chess Server. The game was originally developed by Shane Hudson and was then developed next by a contributor named Pascal Georges. The next stages of development were then created by the other teams. The team has written the game in C++ and TCL/TK. When you download free Scid vs. PC from our site, you will be able to discover that it is able to support portable game notation using its own format in the database. It can also interface with GNU Chess, Crafty and other XBoard engines along with Rybca, Fruit, Shredder, Stockfish and other UCI engines. These softwares will let the player have computer-human games and perform position analysis. With the Scid vs. PC free download, you will experience the classification of the games with the use of the ECO standard code along with its extensions to its ECO systems. One will be able to search certain endings, like rook vs. queen or pawn vs. rook. Scid’s search also permits the filtering of color, player, result, year and Eco code. Download free Scid vs. PC and you can have a maintenance window where a player could delete twin games. This would be greatly helpful since it is possible to download the game more than once if it came from multiple sources. Download free Scid vs. PC now and take advantage of its great features!



  • Download Scid vs. PC to take advantage of computer tournaments
  • Move Search feature
  • Game list widgets are rewritten, along with the Database Switcher
  • With the free download of Scid vs. PC, you will have an improved computer game, annotation features and FICs
  • The Help Index is already improved to further help the players and it includes links to the main features of the game
  • Ratings Graph can showcase multiple users
  • Paste Variation features and clickable variation arrows
  • The Button Bar has been improved to have a new feel to the players

System Requirement

  • TCL/TK
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MAC
  • UNIX

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